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Can’t really remember where I heard this, but it stuck with me.

For one, it’s a thought for both people being hurt, and people hurting others. Realizing that the venom behind a statement or action from someone may actually be the result of their own pain, can sometimes take out the sting. And accordingly, when we find ourselves throwing negativity towards others, that it’s probably us that have the problem, and not really them.

For me, remembering stuff like this is important. I’ve found myself on both sides of this, more than I like.

So it can be humbling to pull yourself to truth in those moments, and force yourself to become present with what your really feeling. It’s not that so-and-so did that, or whatnot, but it’s how it resonates with the wound in me. And that goes a good way towards build compassion.

It’s a fucking tough job to do. No one wants to do it, realize derogatory things about themselves. But It leads to a place that I think we all want to be.

– Gary

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