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Some Thoughts on Things

Released on 02.24.16

‘Some Thoughts on Things’ is the second collection of essays by artist Gary Llama.

The essays, collected between 2014 and 2016, offer insight into Gary’s thoughts on a variety of things, from the proecess of releasing records and materials, to thoughts on socio-political subjects such as sweatshop sneakers, his experience as an Emetophbic (fear of vomiting), punk as genre versus culture, and the design of neighborhoods, to name a few.


  1. On Not Spinning One’s Wheels
  2. On Getting Stuff Out
  3. On Social Media and Visual Clutter
  4. The Independent Web
  5. Very Simple Mult-Tracking
  6. On Homogenous Sound
  7. The First Time I Heard Jimi Hendrix
  8. On College (and how I’m probably not finishing)
  9. On The Confederate Flag, Symbology, and Culture
  10. On Converse and Suing The Competition
  11. On Monolithic Neighborhoods and Human Beings
  12. On Coolwashing
  13. On Punk as ethic versus genre
  14. On music genres
  15. A thought on Immigration
  16. On Sentimentality
  17. On Missing Childhood
  18. On Emetophobia

106 pages
ISBN: 978-0986448980

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Richmond, Virginia USA
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