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Singles (2013-2018)


OV111 Released on 09.10.21


  1. Just Feel
  2. Folded Flag (Remix)
  3. A Long Road Ahead (Remix)
  4. I Had To Leave (To Be Here)
  5. A Catalog of Things Best Left Behind
  6. Burn It All Down
  7. Tough Shit Mickey (Cover)
  8. All The Punk Rockers
  9. Fuck You
  10. Walk Among Them
  11. Breathe

With the label ceasing operations and regrouping in 2021, all of Gary Llama’s music was removed from distribution. When it came down to seeing this music removed, we thought, what would be the essential songs that needed to be out there. This album is that. So now, with OVOLR! regrouped and running again, it is up. Comprised of single (mostly), the album features some of the songs that are the most essential to understanding Gary’s artistry.

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Richmond, Virginia USA