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An Index of Around Me

Released on 03.07.14

‘An Index of Around Me’ is a collection of the earliest essays written by artist Gary Llama.

The essays, written in Gary’s short and personal style between 2005 and 2014, cover a variety of subjects from what makes a good guitar, to the virtues of the library as public collections, each harrowing the ethics of the personal as political in the way that Gary writes much of his work.


  1. Revolutions occur one person at a time: A manifesto of reason, rationality, and self
  2. The Caloric Value of a Dollar: A movement towards calculating actual consumption
  3. On Ethical Consumerism: philosophy of ethical purchasing
  4. On preserving dissidence in school: The need for a union amongst progressive teachers
  5. Disconnected: No Logo
  6. On Wealth
  7. Public Books; or, Why I like the library
  8. Purchase Evaluation: A formula to aid in calculating compatibility with purchases
  9. Process versus Product
  10. Mediating the self through the web
  11. Non-place and the rationalization of life
  12. Finding the point of declining utility
  13. Youtube as Process
  14. Creating the Art Experience
  15. Calculating Value
  16. Open Standards and the Public Good
  17. Becoming Ethical
  18. Overcoming Our Own Truth
  19. An Apology For My Generation
  20. Control, Goals, and Status: How illness taught me to build a life while respecting myself
  21. A Tale Of Modern Business
  22. A New Value In Culture: A response to ‘Collage Culture’
  23. Learning To Stand As Me
  24. Navigating Known Terrain
  25. Branded Actions
  26. Motivations for actions
  27. Cars… and unneccesary complication
  28. Lost in The Chase
  29. Ring Diagrams of Operational Motives
  30. Production as Feedback Loops
  31. Thoughts on NSA revelations
  32. Exploring the song: ‘Folded Flag’
  33. Meaning
  34. Thoughtfulness / Midbrain Response
  35. On Les Pauls and Decision Making

176 pages
ISBN: 978-0-615-97229-9

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