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A Fictional Tale of Things

Released on 04.15.15

‘A Fictional Tale of Things’ is the story of a person on the fringes of society, trying to reconcile existensial crisis and live an ethical life, admist…life.

Part autobiography, part fictional narrative, ‘A Fictional Tale of Things’ is a dive into dreams, fears, satifactions, failures, and successes of the mind of artist Gary Llama.


  1. Chapter 1
    I have these dreams. The kind you wake
    from to find yourself bathed in sweat…
  2. Chapter 2
    I’m running. Past trees. In the woods. I
    know I’m being chased…
  3. Chapter 3
    The first date I had with my soon-to-be
    wife ended about as abruptly as it started.
  4. Chapter 4
    I’m stepping through bushes. The
    ground is wet. Soaked. I’m soaked. I’m deep in a
    forest and up ahead I can see the light of what seems
    to be a clearing. Gunfire erupts…
  5. Chapter 5
    “Age?” the doctor asked. “Twenty Five” I
    replied. The doctor’s office was nice. It had been a
    while since I had been in one, especially one this nice.
    I had been without insurance for a while, but luckily,
    I was able to find a doctor I could afford out-of-
  6. Chapter 6
    “Hey Buddy!” my boss, John, says,
    shaking my hand enthusiastically. “Come in and take
    a seat.” I follow him into his office….
  7. Chapter 7
    “Age?” the woman asks. “Twenty Five.” I
    reply. The room is cold. White. Cinderblock. It’s
    about a quarter past midnight and I’m tired. My face
    feels numb…
  8. Chapter 8
    Long and black, sits the aircraft in front
    of me. “Wow!” I think to myself. I’ve always been
    fascinated by aircraft, especially the black ones, the
    secret ones.
  9. Chapter 9
    Marketing isn’t just about making people
    buy products, it’s also about making people buy
  10. Chapter 10
    “Do you know what sadness is, boy? Its
    this!” the man intones, flailing his arms together
    towards a set ofscreens on the other side ofthe room.
    The screens flick alive with the black-and-white
    image of a girl. Sad. Close up. Bow in her hair.
    Crying. “It’s my daughter,” I realize. The screens go
  11. Chapter 11
    “Mental Health” is a relative thing. And
    its basis of reasoning has changed, relative to culture
    over the course of history…
  12. Chapter 12
    Coming into the doctor’s office that
    morning, I remembered my reaction the days after
    finding out Grace was pregnant…
  13. Chapter 13
    “The judge will see you now.” the deputy
    said. I entered the room, this time free from shackles,
    perhaps they spare the judge having to view the
    restraints, the way the executioner is spared having to
    look at the faces ofmen put to death. “Call to order!”
    the deputy announced…
  14. Chapter 14
    I had become acquainted with the
    elevators of this hospital rather intimately. The week
    leading up to my daughter’s birth were spent here…
  15. Chapter 15
    The morning Grace and I got married
    was a lot like the morning she gave birth. The stars
    had aligned, and it was up to us to go with courage,
    into the path that lay in front of us. All that was
    required was a strength to follow our hearts, and to
    put our faith in the wisdom of the compass internal
    to each of us…
  16. Chapter 16
    Few times in life are you as sure ofdoing
    the right thing, as you are after birth. Nothing can
    come close to it. It’s an amazing feeling. But birth
    rearranges your life back around the little one you
    have brought life to. So in the following weeks, you
    begin to incorporate yourself, your old worn
    tendencies, into the new life you will live.
  17. Chapter 17
    The hardest part of being an abusive
    asshole, is admitting it to yourself, without losing the
    strength to overcome being an abusive asshole. Most
    abusive people seem to admit such facts to
    themselves, only to use the realization as
    confirmation, or rationalization, for continuing to act
  18. Chapter 18
    My wife had picked me up that Monday
    afternoon from the mental hospital. As I had been
    brought in on a Friday evening, Monday was the first
    day I had been able to see the psychologist…

122 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9864489-4-2

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