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This Malaise Is Our Grave


OV006 Released on 06.01.06


  1. This Model Is Broken
  2. Folded Flag
  3. Heresy
  4. C. Wright Mills
  5. This Girl


Self-recorded 2006, Gary Llama, Baltimore, Maryland.

In 2005, Following the loss of a long-term relationship, and learning to deal with a host of newly diagnosed health issues, Gary Llama moved to Baltimore Maryland. That winter he began writing essays, drawing upon his newly discovered love of sociology. And he began writing songs.

In 2006, he sat down and recorded these in his studio apartment in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. The were released as ‘This Malaise Is Our Grave’, under the Fbox alias in June of 2006.

The album contains one of Gary’s best known songs, titled ‘Folded Flag’, a song about a friend he lost in Iraq in 2005.

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