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World Of Hell

Released on 06.29.18

In 1998, A group of friends sat down to make a rap song. They met at Gary Llama’s apartment in Jackson Ward, where he had been learning how to make beats with an Akai S20 sampler, a low-budget, no frills, but totally workable piece of gear. They listened to the beat and began working on lyrics. By the end of the evening, this song was recorded.

Over the years, the recording had been forgotten by them, but upon a chance discovery of a mix CD by Gary’s sister, the recording was found. Accordingly, it was released.


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  1. World Of Hell (ft Ryan Shade & Gary Llama)

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Recorded and produced by Gary Llama, 1997.
Mastered 2018 by Gary Llama.
OVOLR! Records / AXMX Records / Debackle Press
Richmond, Virginia USA
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