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OV104 Released on 12.18.20

Songs For A New Tomorrow

92FU’s sophomore album (both in history, and this year!) is a collection of 10 songs of melodic punk rock with super-positive lyrics, covering a range of topics from Racial injustice, gender injustice, the ‘Maga’ phenomenon (anti), the COVID pandemic, punk ethics, conspiracy theorists, and many, many other topics so prevalent in today’s climate, as well as songs about fighting depression and negative self-talk… and a couple loves songs, for good measure!


  1. Recipe For A Punk Life
  2. Pandemic Anxiety
  3. No Debate
  4. On Learning To Not Hate Myself
  5. We Fight
  6. Shielded Indifference
  7. You Crash My World
  8. A Good Place
  9. Growing
  10. Make America Great For Once (Fuck The Good Old Days)
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