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95 Demo

Released on 10.09.15

500$Fine’s cassette demo from 1995, minimally mastered from cassette, and here for free download.

The cassette was originally just titled 500$Fine, and was the debut release by the band after changing their name from ‘Golden Llamas’…

The name 500$fine was in reference to the City of Richmond’s heavily enforced curfew law, and a statement about the importance of kids place in music, which was being marginalized by the law.


Mp3 Streaming


  1. Caffeine
  2. Ripp Off
  3. Security Blanket
  4. Why
  5. All Out War For Peace
  6. Untitled

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Recorded at Glass Hand Studio by Mark Miley, 1995 Minimally mastered from cassette by Gary Llama at OVOLR! labs.
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Richmond, Virginia USA
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