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We caught up recently with artist Ben FM, to run a quick Q+A with him, and get a playlist of some of his favorite songs.

Let’s begin:
1. When did you started making music?

Late 90s, whenever we made those songs w Ryan Shade

2. When did you put out your first recording?

On my own not til 2014 but there were lots of demos from various groups I was working w before that

3. What is your favorite album of all time by any artist?

Tales of Mystery and Imagination- The Alan Parsons Project

4. From your own material, what is your favorite song?

Apples & Oranges

5. What is your favorite lyric?

“Scientists try to solve the context, philosophers are wondering what’s next” – Rakim, Don’t Sweat the Technique

6. What is your favorite food?


7. What is the most overrated thing?


8. What is the most underrated thing?


9. What event changed you the most in a positive way?

Marrying Kayla

10. If any activity could be added to the Olympics, what would you want to see?

The Olympics should be modified into a replacement for warfare so that opposing countries may settle disputes which would otherwise involve military conflict..

And for the Playlist
Ben has titled this playlist ‘DISCOVER WEEKLY/Artificial Selection (Songs chosen for us by the internet)’

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