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St Edwards Punk Shows FB Group


A facebook group for sharing memories of punk shows past.

The Monroe Park Renovation: What was the Result?


On the eradication of low income people from a public space.

Back in Stock: 500$Fine ‘Forward’ Bundles


A few limited edition patches and stickers bundled with the ‘Forward’ CD!

Weekend PSA: ‘Hurt’ People, Hurt People


Can’t really remember where I heard this, but it stuck with me. For one, it’s a thought for both people being hurt, and people hurting others. Realizing that the venom behind a statement or action from someone may actually be the result of their own pain, can sometimes take out the sting. And accordingly, when […]

New Single: Gary Llama ‘Fuck You’


A single from his new album ‘EXRRA’.

New Full Length Album ‘EXRRA’ from Gary Llama.


Features the singles ‘Fuck You’, and ‘Breathe’…

Some Fliers from OVOLR! artists at Twisters/Nancy Raygun/929/etc…


A collection of fliers from OVOLR! artists.

A great article on the closing of Strange Matter.


And an older article too.

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