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Now on Compact Disc: Gary Llama’s ‘EXRRA’

Gary Llama‘s latest release, ‘EXRRA‘, is now available in physical form! Available now from Bandcamp! And for a limited-time, all CDs will ship with a sticker!


Passing of Chris Daly

As we alluded to, We recently lost a friend, Chris Daly, the brother of 500$Fine bassist Patrick Daly. Chris was a person who knew the value of life, and took great joy in it. He also pushed himself to do amazing things. It was evident even in his passing, as he was trekking on Mt. […]


Broken Chains of Segregation – Live Shows (Videos)

Our friend Mike Adams, singer of Broken Chains of Segregation (BCS), recently shared a set of videos with us, and we have put them up on Youtube for folks to enjoy! BCS was a mainstay of southside hardcore music in the early 90s. To say this band was an inspiration to us, is an understatement. […]




Playlist: ‘Into The Night’ curated by Gary Llama

A playlist of awesome songs.


Video: Gary Llama ‘Breathe’

A video about meditation to cope with health and depression.


St Edwards Punk Shows FB Group

A facebook group for sharing memories of punk shows past.


The Monroe Park Renovation: What was the Result?

On the eradication of low income people from a public space.

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