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New Release: Rival Kinds’ ‘Goodbye, Cowboy’

Today we are releasing the second single from Rival Kinds, a collaboration between artist and painter Alix Petrie and Gary Llama, titled ‘Goodbye, Cowboy‘.

The single is streaming everywhere, now!


Bad Guy Reaction’s ‘A Handbook’, Released!

For the past few months, we were talking with some friends about reissuing some important records they had made. One group of them, was the Wardance Orange records, the other set of songs, was this, Bad Guy Reaction’s ‘A Handbook’, the band that KC and Greg went on to form Wardance Orange from.

Bad Guy was an influential (and I can’t stress that word enough), band to a lot of the folks coming in to the RVA punk scene in 1993-1994, they had amazing songs, a cool as fuck sounds, and were amazing live. And their tape, was one of the best sounding ones that had been done locally as well.

We def want to thank the band members for working on this with us, as well as engineer Mark Miley, who still had the original masters from when he recorded both Bad Guy, and Wardance. His care to his work, made these two things possible, for sure.

The record is streaming everywhere now, enjoy!


New 500$Fine song

Today, 500$Fine has released a song from their upcoming 7″, their first song released since 1997, and their first song recorded with their new bassist, Jason. Titled ‘Yer Wolfbro is in my Capitol’, the song speaks about about the growing trend towards conspiracy cults and the position of media in the process.

The song is available now streaming everywhere.


New Release: Mimirock 4

Today we are releasing ‘Mimirock 4‘, a collection of awesome songs by NYC’s Mimirock.

The album features 7 carefully crafted songs, full of awesome instrumentation, brought to life by Mimi’s vocals and persona. These songs remind you of what music CAN be.

The album is available now, streaming everywhere.