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500$Fine ‘S / T’ 7″ Available Now!

500$Fine’s first recording in 24 years is available now!

Titled ‘S / T’ the four-song EP is available on 7″ vinyl, as well as on all streaming platforms.

Head to the band’s bandcamp to buy a copy!


Baby Flamehead ‘3rd Story’ EP

Today we are releasing an EP by Baby Flamehead. The band existed around Philadelphia circa the late 1980’s, early 1990s, and recorded a few releases. Notable to us, it features the early guitar work of Chris Unrath, who went on to play with Mimirock, and our all time favorite band, Helen Back and The Str8-Razors. Maybe more noteable to the world, the band also featured drummer, Dean Sabatino, from The Dead Milkmen.

The release today was an EP they had recorded, which was never released. Titled ‘3rd Story‘, it features 5-songs of acoustic style music that is pretty damn good.

We are excited to be ressurecting a part of indie music history, and helping to connect some dots by sharing some awesome music!


Gary Llama’s ‘Pathfinder’ Re-release, & Single

Last year, Gary pulled his album Pathfinder, which had been out for a month, because essentially, he didn’t feel right about it. In it’s place, ‘Anarchist At The Museum\’ was released.

Well after a year of perspective on the songs, Gary has decided it should be out, so today we are re-releasing the Pathfinder record.


We are also releasing as an official release, ‘When You’re Gone / Monday, Monday, Monday‘, two covers Gary had recorded and just put on youtube last year; a cover of a Cranberries’ song, backed with a cover of a Tegan and Sara song.

Both are out now, and streaming everywhere!


OVOLR! Presents… Wrong Worshippers

We are excited to announce a new addition to the OVOLR! family… Wrong Worshippers will be joining us to do an EP! In preperation for that, we put together a video, giving some background on the band, and the upcoming EP, titled ‘Not Actually Live from Hep’s Garage’.

Check the video out here, on youtube!