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New Single: Escapement ‘During This Difficult Time’

Today we are releasing a new single by a new group, comprised of artists familiar to the OVOLR! label.

Titled, Escapement, the group features emcee Ben FM on vocals, with music contributed to by Gary Llama, and Ryan Shade (Indypendant, From Earth To Ashes).

The single, ‘During This Difficult Time‘, is streaming now, everywhere!

Wardance Orange catalog now streaming!

Today, the entire Wardance Orange catalog is available now on all streaming sites, available as three seperate Ep’s.. ‘s/t‘, ‘demo‘, and ‘unheard‘.

For those not aware, Wardance was a band that existed in Richmond, Va between 1995 and 1997(?) ish, played a ton of fucking shows and really captured an amazing part of sound that this city had back then, probably cuz the band was made up of folks from other awesome RVA bands like Bad Guy Reaction, and Avail.

We feel honored to be able to have played a part in sharing all this with you, and it is amazing to listen to these tracks and hear that energy and political angle the band took, especially amidst the climate today. Enjoy!!

Debut Single from Rival Kinds…

Rival Kinds is a collaboration between artist Alix Petrie, and Gary Llama.

Their debut single is called ‘Safe Word‘, and comes from a body of work that will be released in some time as an ep or album.

The single is streaming everywhere, now.

Now Streaming: From Earth To Ashes’ ‘Dark City’ album

Today we are excited to be releasing the ‘Dark City’ album by the late-90’s Richmond hardcore band, From Earth To Ashes, to all streaming platforms.

FETA consisted of members of older Richmond bands such as Broken Chains of Segregation, Indypendant, and Pre-Skool.

The 7-song album is available streaming now.

New artist to label: Mimirock & ‘Uncontrollable’ EP!

Today we are beginning to rerelease some recordings by NYC band, Mimirock!

Mimirock was a punk band from NYC between 1995 and 2005, known for their live show and performances.

The first EP we are releasing for Mimirock, is ‘Uncontrollable‘, a four-song EP, streaming now!

New 92FU Single!

After releasing their new full length ‘Purple’ on Sept 15, 92FU has released a new single this am, titled ‘Something More / Punks Doing Stuff‘.

It is available streaming now.

The band explained the context of it on their instagram.

Returns to Streaming

We have been working over the past few weeks to get our artists back in distribution. As of today we have restored the catalogs of 10 of the 21 artists we distribute…

Broken Chains of Segregation
Brooks Cullum
Helen Back & The Str8 Razors
Mineral Writes
Mischievous Sneakers
Shitload of Pain
Slugging Buddha

We are working on getting everyone back in distro, and should have them done within the next month or so.

‘Purple’, new album from 92FU.

Gary and Greg have been busy! Earlier this year the began working on new songs, and the result is finally here.

Purple‘ is twelve songs of melodic, hardcore (?) punk rock, with lyrics drawing heavily on Gary’s philosophies, a mix of Buddhist philosophy and radical mental health awareness, resulting in a positive but real album that addresses many of the issues and situations we face living day to day lives.

‘Purple’ is available now, streaming everywhere!