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Old Richmond Punk Fliers at VCU Special Collections


We recently went down to VCU’s Special Collections on to take stock of fliers they have on hand related to any OVOLR! artists. In addition to finding an old 500$Fine flier, we also came across some very cool, early Richmond punk / hardcore fliers, as well as a great collection of GWAR things. First up, […]

Q + A Playlist: Ben FM


We caught up with Ben FM for a Q+A and a Playlist. For his playlist, he submitted his Discover Weekly playlist titled ‘Artificial Selection (Songs chosed for us by the Internet)…

Debut EP from Brooks Cullum: ‘Contact’


Debut EP by the Baltimore-based Singer-Songwriter.

New Video: Beat Weirdos ’95 Remedy’


To go along with the release of ‘Beat Weirdos’, we are dropping a video for the release…. Check it out!

New EP: ‘Beat Weirdos’


A new EP.

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