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New Gary Llama album announced!

We will be releasing a new album by Gary Llama on December 14th. The album is titled ‘Pathfinder’…

On his Instagram, Gary said this about the album..

A few albums helped me through some tough times, and in particular one tough time. And for me, Coldplay’s X&Y and Jets To Brazil’s Four Cornered Night like basically, maybe probably, saved my life. I have pretty strong depression But they gave my heart something to pull to, when it felt heavy and dead. So I decided to write a similar album (well i didnt decide per se, just fucking happened). And this is rare for me, ive written MAYBE 10 songs about relationships in my life, out of around 161 songs acording to Ascap, and 4 of those this year, and two arent even out yet 🙂

So yeah, album NOT about politics. About feelings and stuff, coming at you.

This album is releasing 4 days before Gary’s other project, 92FU will release their new album. So a lot of new music from Gary. Stay tuned!

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