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Dead Serious

Dead Serious

Released on 10.30.17



Dead Serious began in Richmond, Virginia in 2000. Drawing from bands such as Duration, and local hardcore band Hate-O-Four, Dead Serious took hardcore music and fused it with a punk rock attitude. Following the conclusion of the band, Members went on to form a host of other hardcore bands including Murder Weapon, Cast Aside, and Park Sparrows. This was their debut release.


  1. This Buds For You
  2. Like Father Like Son
  3. Thans A Lot You Bitch
  4. Get It Away
  5. Backpack
  6. If Assholes Could Fly
  7. You Should Be So Lucky
  8. Cut A Rug
  9. 24 Year Old Man
  10. Promised Tomorrow


Recorded by Gary Llama. Montana Studio, Richmond, VA. 2000.
Mastered by Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc, Richmond, VA. 2001.