Label Restructuring

08 28 21

TLDR: not closing, actually growing

Over the past few days, a couple friends have reached out to see what could be done with the label. After talking a bit, we came to the conclusion that with some restructuring, new distro, and some new ideas, we could easily bring the label back, and actually make it better.

So as of today, that is what we are doing, with plans on deck to grow it along the same intent, and make it flourish.

First, I owe a lot of this to Kevin Burr… talking with him the past few days, it became blatantly obvious what we need to do. And he gets the purpose of the label, and has some ideas on how to make it even better, so he will be coming on to help make it awesome.

The other person joining us, is my friend Alix Petrie. As one of the most creative motherfuckers i know, her advice and ability to discern value in things has been very enlightening, and make things like ‘duh’ level obvious.

So yeah, fucking stoked!

From the outside, its gonna be similar, but better. From the inside, we putting some structure in to make things smoother, and more robust.

So yeah, Looking forward to this! You should see the catalog return to streaming sites over the next few weeks, and see new things appearing as well!

Much love to you all!
Gary Llama


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