' (not actually) Live From Hep’s Garage!!!! '

Wrong Worshippers

Released on 06.08.22
This item has been retired from distribution with this label. It may still be available from the artist.

A faux live album, inspired by a concept taken from Charles Mingus, ‘(not actually) Live From Hep’s Garage!!!!’ is a burner that gives a glimpse into the power of this two-piece rock/punk ensemble known as Wrong Worshippers. Recorded while they were still in High School, the EP serves as a good picture of where the band was at, and hints at where they may go.

  1. Live From Hep's Garage!!!!
  2. Summer Girl
  3. Troy Barnes (No Milo, Agoraphopbia is Not an STD)
  4. 81mm W/O Change
  5. Get Me Out of Here (For Realz)
  6. Love Story (Taylor's Version)
  7. Jazz Interlude
  8. Undefeatable Army


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