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Released on 05.28.21

In Good Company

Slugging Buddha


  1. Fixing What Is Broken (ft. Brooks Cullum)
  2. Burn It Down (ft. Gary Llama)
  3. Not What I Want (ft. Jeff Pezzati)
  4. 3AM Voicemail to My Ex's Friend from the 3-Way (ft. Al Most)
  5. World Is Going to Crash
  6. They Don't Care About You (ft. Funny)


Brooks Cullum - Vocals on Track #1
Gary Llama - Vocals on Track #2
Jeff Pezzati - Vocals on Track #3
Al Most - Vocals on Track #4
Gregory Kusterbeck - Vocals on Track #5
Happy - Vocals on Track #6

Guitar - Danny Crucial
Bass - Gregory Kusterbeck
Drums - Kyle

Recorded and Mixed Teal Wave Studios by Gregory Kusterbeck
Cover art by Gregory Kusterbeck.