' Helen Back and The Str8-Razors '

Helen Back & The...

Reissued on 10.26.16

The self-titled release by Philadelphia, PA’s Helen Back and the Str8-Razors.

This recording takes you through a set of originals and covers, brimming with the mix of garage / glam punk sound that the Str8-Razors are so very good at, with the iconic vocal performances and lyricism of frontman Jimi Mooney.

A treasure.

  1. Homofaux Pas
  2. She Cracked
  3. Achin'
  4. Perfect Death
  5. I'm Always Touched
  6. Let's Destroy The World
  7. Celebrity Killer
  8. Brunch
  9. Head Kicked In
  10. Needle In The Camel's Eye
  11. Str8 Razor

Recorded 2003 by Chris Unrath @ eardrumland. Mastered by Gary Llama @ Mortarworks Mastering.


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