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Released on 09.10.21

Singles (2013-2018)

Gary Llama


  1. Just Feel
  2. Folded Flag (Remix)
  3. A Long Road Ahead (Remix)
  4. I Had To Leave (To Be Here)
  5. A Catalog of Things Best Left Behind
  6. Burn It All Down
  7. Tough Shit Mickey (Cover)
  8. All The Punk Rockers
  9. Fuck You
  10. Walk Among Them
  11. Breathe


Vocals / Music - Gary Llama
All songs previously released as singles except 'Walk Among Them' from the album 'Exrra', and 'A Catalog of Things Best Left Behind' from the EP 'V/V'
Recorded and mixed by Gary Llama during various sessions.