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This item has been retired from distribution with this label. It may still be available from the artist.
OV107 Released on 04.15.21


  1. Can't Sleep (ft. Byrdie XY & kboogsz) (Gary Llama Remix)
  2. Kill Radio (ft. Byrdie XY) (Gary Llama Remix)
  3. That New Corona (Gary Llama Remix)
  4. Rap Circles (Gary Llama Remix)


Vocals - Ben FM
Music - Gary Llama

Tracks 1 and 2 from Ben FM's 'Private Audio' album. The track 'Kill Radio' from the release by Ant The Symbol. The track 'That New Corona' from Ant The Symbol's album, 'Air'.

All vocals recorded by Ben FM.
All music produced, mixed and mastered by Gary Llama. Cover art and photography by Gary Llama.