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Broken Chains of Segregation: Now on OVOLR!

We are excited to announce that Broken Chains of Segregation (BCS) is now on OVOLR!. BCS was one of the groups we looked up to early in the Richmond punk and hardcore scene. They were a group that managed to both entertain and inform, and showed a lot of upcoming bands how to spread a message, well.

Their recorded work consists of two releases: A self-titled recording from 1994, and ‘Conscience‘, from 1995. Both are excellent examples of the band, and both are now available streaming on all streaming platforms. Both also feature new artwork from the artist responsible for much of the early BCS (and southside hardcore!) graphics, fellow OVOLR! artist Ben FM.

In addition to these recordings, the band has also made available videos from their shows back in the 1990s, playing historic Richmond venues such as the Metro and Twisters, as well as some videos from equally important venues for hardcore and punk fans from the southside of Richmond, most notably St. Edwards, and Midlothian High, as well as the MidStock series of concerts.

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