Live at 2019 St Edward Reunion Show

Broken Chains...

Released on 11.30.20



In 2019, a bunch of the bands that played shows at the iconic St Edward school, a church that opened it’s doors to punk and hardcore shows in Richmond, VA’s southside during the 1990s, held a reunion show. This is BCS’s set from the show.

As a bonus, the band Indypendant, joined BCS on stage to perform their song, ‘Fist To The Face’.


  1. Introduction (Live)
  2. Break The Chains / Take Away (Live)
  3. Become Aware (Live)
  4. Break Down (Live)
  5. A.A.O. (Live)
  6. Statistics (Live)
  7. Outside (Live)
  8. Structure (Live)
  9. Fuzz Buster (Live)
  10. Stand Up (Live)
  11. Fist To The Face (Live) ft. Indypendant


Vocals - Michael Adams
Guitar - Matt Plunkett
Bass - Brian Wrenn
Drums - Mark Whitehead

Recorded live from the board at Richmond Music Hall, Richmond, VA 2019.
Cover art by Pamela Adams.