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BCS and 500$Fine sets from the 2019 St Edward Reunion Show, and OV release 100!

Today, we are releasing the audio from Broken Chains of Segregation and 500$Fine sets at the 2019 St Edward Reunion Show last year.

Also of note, the releases are catalog number 99 and 100, with the 500$Fine release being 100, fittingly, as release number 1, was 500$Fine’s ‘Forward’!

On November 30, 2019, a few bands that used to play at the St Edward School, a place that opened it’s doors for kids to play punk and hardcore shows in the 1990s, played a reunion show at Richmond Music Hall, here in Richmond, VA. While the videos of these sets have been available, today, on the 1-year anniversary of the show, we wanted to release the audio.

The BCS set includes a song with members of the band Indypendant, playing their song, ‘Fist to The Face’.

The 500$Fine set includes a few songs with guitarist Langdon, who played with the band during its formation and first demo, as well as an intro by Gary’s daughter, introducing the band.

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