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Silence Is Suicide

Active: 1998-2000

In 1997, Gary Llama began writing acoustic music. The first song,’Resist, Destroy, Resist!’ was recorded and released on the ‘Forward’ LP by 500$Fine. Inspired by the outcome of this song, and his purchased of a digital 8-track, he began working on further music in that style.

The idea, initially was to make powerful punk music on acoustic instruments, the idea of which was heavily influenced by the drum works released by Neurosis’ Tribes of Neurot. THe work became both a discovery of the process of making acoustic music, as well as recording it.

By 2000, he had recorded over 50 songs. From these, two seperate groups of songs stood out as a body of works. One group of 12-songs, becoming the release known as ‘Silence Is Suicide’, the second group, with a more positive sound, becoming what would go on to be ‘EP:10:20’ released under the name ‘Fbox‘.



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CDs now up at Interpunk

Gary Llama’s Silence Is Suicide and the 500$Fine ‘Forward’ CD are both now up at Interpunk, for your buying pleasure! Check them out!


Silence Is Suicide on Compact Disc!

We have released the old Silence Is Suicide full-length, on Compact Disc. It’s a first for this record, previously only available as a download, it is now available on Compact Disc. Available now: Direct from us

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