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Silence Is Suicide

( 1998-2000 )


Gary Llama - Himself

After the loss of friend and fellow 500$Fine co-founder, Patrick Daly, Gary Llama began trying to process what life would like for him, both musically, and in general. As part of this process he would write songs. Around the same time, he had picked up an early digital 8-track recorder, and had begun teaching himself how to record. As fodder for learning, he began recording the songs he was writing. Fast forward a couple years, and he had compiled two cds, with a total of over 50 demo’d songs. In the middle of one of these discs, a group of 12 songs began to stick with Gary. He noticed there was something particularly special about these songs, all working from the same creative vein. So in 2000, he began recording them proper.

That winter he released the recording on CD-R to friends, under the working title ‘Silence Is Suicide’.

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