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Gary Llama



Walk Among Them
Gary Llama
Fuck You
Gary Llama
Gary Llama
Just Feel
Gary Llama
Into The Hollow
Gary Llama
Change (Amen)
Gary Llama
All The Punk...
Gary Llama
Keep Monroe Park...
Gary Llama
I Had To...
Gary Llama


A singer / songwriter, visual artist, author and essayist, activist, recording engineer and producer, Gary Llama just sees it all as the job of ‘Punk Rocker’: Its what was shown to him as ‘normal’ in the folks he surrounded himself with in the early 90s Richmond Punk Scene: everything folded together.

Radical ethics, and diy production, and diy activism for things that spread compassion and empathy.

And from this sprouted the OVOLR! record label, and Gary’s solo records, and then his books, and then records by other folks, and collaborations with other people, his own instrumental music, and collaborations with Emcees…


Gary Llama - Himself


Gary Llama (2016)
Gary Llama on porch, Richmond, Virginia, 2015
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