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Gary Llama



Gary Llama got his start making music in the early 90s in Richmond, Virginia, playing in Golden Llamas, who alter became 500$Fine. From there, he played briefly with Shitload of Pain, before beginning to release a stream of his own solo work. In the 2010s, he began making instrumental music, as well as making beats for emcee friends, and as a half of the group, Mineral Writes. His latest project is singing with the group, 92FU.

In addition to his music, he has found a voice in both writing and in visual art, both of which have been documented via the label as books. His latest book, ‘Struggle Against’, tells his story of his early teens, playing music with 500$Fine and dealing with the loss of bassist, and friend, Patrick Daly.

Gary Llama - Himself

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