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Gary Llama

Active: 1993-present
Gary Llama - Himself

Gary grew up in the Richmond punk scene of the 1990s, first playing with Golden Llamas, then with political punk bands 500$Fine, and Shitload of Pain.

In the late 90s, he began recording solo work (released under his own name, as well as earlier works under the names Fbox, and Silence Is Suicide), full of reflective lyrics informed by his introspective life and studies of ethical and spiritual thought.

In the mid-2000s, he began making instrumental works under a number of aliases (Beat Weirdos, Champions of Society, Imagination Society, and Cinema Society), preferring to create new identities for new sounds. This work has also been adaptated for Hip-hop, through collaborations with artists Ben FM, and as a group with Brooklyn-based Emcee Timbo King, as the group, Mineral Writes.

In addition to his musical work, Gary has authored several books, ranging from memoirs, to art books, to collections of essays.

He is also the host of the podcast, Various Things.


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‘Struggle Against: The Story of 500$Fine’ by Gary Llama

A book about growing up in punk rock and fighting to make a change.


Gary Llama ‘Walk Among Them’ Video

A video about lost friends and finding hope.


Gary Llama ‘Fuck You’ Video

A new video for the single.


Music Notes: Llama success is output, not record sales
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