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Broken Chains of Segregation

Formed on the Southside of Richmond, VA in the spring of 1993, Broken Chains of Segregation helped reinvent the Richmond hardcore scene of the mid-1990s. Inspired by the New York hardcore bands of the late 80s as well as early 90s post-hardcore acts like Quicksand and Fugazi, B.C.S. took their name from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and with the help of their energetic live shows and deep-rooted belief in youth freedom, they built a loyal following during their short stint together. Fueled by punk’s DIY ethos, they used all the proceeds from their shows to record 2 EPs, but they released only one of those in the spring of 1994. B.C.S. broke up the following year as the founding members went their separate ways.

Mike Adams Vocals Matt Plunkett Guitar Brian Wrenn Bass Mark Whitehead Drums


BCS and 500$Fine sets from the 2019 St Edward Reunion Show, and OV release 100!


Released from both the bands performances, streaming everywhere!

Interview with Engineer Mark Miley!


An interview with the engineer who was helped shape the sound of RVA punk and hardcore.

(Video) BCS [Full Set] – St Eds Reunion Show


We now have the video from the St Edwards Reunion Show of Broken Chains of Segregation’s live set.. …shoutout to Noah Ferguson for the great job shooting and assembling the footage! We also have a playlist of the individual songs.

Live Videos

BCS St Edwards...
Broken Chains...
Live 4.10.94 Metro
Broken Chains...
Live 8.12.94 St...
Broken Chains...
Live 3.18.94 Midlo...
Broken Chains...
Live 3.19.94 Twisters
Broken Chains...
Live 5.21.94 Midstock
Broken Chains...

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