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Ben FM is an emcee from Richmond, Virginia. He started rapping in the mid-90s, and went on to perform with the group Luggage. In the 2010s, he joined Gritty City Records, and began releasing solo work. In 2015, he began collaborating with Gary Llama. An EP and two Singles have been released on OVOLR!.

Ben FM - Himself


New Single: Gary Llama’s remix of Ben FM’s ‘Eileen’, feat kboogsz


An upbeat version of a downbeat song!

kboogsz debut single… ‘On The Move’


Produced by Gary Llama featuring Emcee Ben FM and horns by Tristan Brennis!

A great article on the closing of Strange Matter.


And an older article too.

Official Music Videos

Indigo Lantern
Ben FM + Imagination Society
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