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( 1995-1997 )


Patrick Daly - Bass, Vocals
Matthew Dennis - Drums
Gary Llama - Vocals, Guitar

Langdon Oliver - Guitar (95 Demo)
Andrew Clarke - Trumpet (Forward)

500$Fine was a political punk band of 15-16 year olds from the southside of Richmond, Virginia, circa 1994-1996.

The band started in 1993 as ‘Golden Llamas’ and renamed themselves 500$fine in 1995. A few demos were recorded. The band consisted of Patrick Daly (Bass / Vocals), Gary Llama (Vocals / Guitar), Matt Dennis (Drums), Lang Oliver (Guitar / Backing vocals on Demo), and Andrew Clarke (Horns on ‘Forward’).

In 1997, they released a CD, ‘Forward’, of two of these demo tapes following the death of their bass player. The CD was a benefit for the RVA Punk Nation, a group working to open an all ages club in RVA.

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