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‘Anarchist at the Museum’ by Gary Llama

In December, Gary Llama released the ‘Pathfinder’ album. However, late last month, Gary decided to UNRELEASE the album. As stated on his instagram

I released an album in december, and i deleted it. Like seriously, DELETED it. Dont have a copy. All thats left is a couple verses stuck in my head sometimes when i wake up. It had started with something i felt was good, but over the past month, once dust had settled, and seeing the larger arch of life, felt wrong, to where my heart and value is.

So in response to that, he followed up with a new album, ‘Anarchist at the Museum‘.. regarding this album, he said…

I am not an anarchist (actually socialist, card carrying!) but i def get treated like one when im in a museum 🙂 But its also this dichotomy: It started when i was the metal kid that liked rap, then the punk rocker thats a little gangster, the ‘smart’ dude with hand tattoos, the sober/no drug/vegan guy puffing on a cigaregget, and more recently, the scientist with a pocketful of crystals.. if i can find the hard way, it seems i do. 🙂 But its cuz i see good in so much, and just cant be cool letting an arbitrary thing tell me otherwise.


…(this is) The first album that i can honestly say embodies what ive been *tryinng* to do for a long time: taking the good from so many different places, and making something that i love.

‘Anarchist at the Museum is streaming everywhere, and available at our Bandcamp and features a cover of Erin Tobey’s song, ‘Flotsam In The Wake’.

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