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Ok, two parts here..

1. Today we are re-releasing the Dead Serious ‘Self-Titled’ record, digitally, through your favorite streaming sites.
2. For the next two days (Monday Oct 30, Tuesday Oct 31), we are donating ALL of the income generated by this recording to Shane Legano’s recovery fund. (Shane is Dead Serious’ Bassist, For more about the fund, see here)

Right now, it is available at Bandcamp, and through iTunes.

For the purposes of this record, Buying a download of the record passes along the most money. However, if you are short on money, but have time to listen, streaming (such as listening on Apple Music, Spotify, Etc) also helps as well. Just search on your favorite service and you will find it.

About The Album

Back in 2000, Richmond, Virginia’s Dead Serious put out their first record. The band was ex members of Hate-O-Four, playing fast Hardcore Punk Rock. The self-titled record was released as a CD on Team Jaybird Records. The band later went on to sign with Thorpe Records and put out a couple two more great records, an EP Split, and a full length, both of which are still in distribution.

However, the self-titled recording went out of distribution. So after talking with the band, we are excited to be re-issuing this recording for digital availability.

It’s a ten-song album (plus a bonus song!) and features artwork by Linas Garsys, now known for his work for bands like Tiger Army and AFI, among others. It was also one of the first studio recordings made by OVOLR! artist Gary Llama as a recording engineer.

You can check it out at your favorite music provider!

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