OVOLR! is a record label from Richmond, Virginia. Together with Debackle press, we release books, music, and other things relevant to punk and activist culture.


OVOLR! (One Voice, One Life, Resist!) records was formed in 1996. Following the passing of 500$fine bass player, Patrick Daly, we wanted to do something with the music we had recorded. So, with the help of a benefit show, we raised the money to put it out. The pressing plant required a label name, so I came up with One Voice, One Life, Resist!.

Over the years, it shortened to OVOLR! Records. Then I started making printed matter under the name of Debackle Press, so the two merged to OVOLR! / Debackle. (Debackle came from a cat I had.)

As of now, the label serves as a vehicle to release music I make myself, am involved in, or I just think needs to be heard. I try to keep it a positive label, putting out music that shows the best sides of punk rock.


General & Press

Order Questions

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Mail to:

OVOLR! / Debackle
P.O. Box 7019
Richmond, VA 23221

Label FAQ

How do I get in touch with the Label?

A: You can contact us at info@ovolr.com with any questions about the label.

How do I get in touch with a specific Artist?

A: Email for each artist is listed on their respective artist page.

What is the history of the label?

A: The label was started in 1997 to release the 500$Fine CD, 'Forward'.

Where else can I find your releases?

A: For our music, in addition to our own store, you can also find our music at our Bandcamp, Interpunk, as well as the normal streaming and download channels (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music).

Offline, we distribute our music and occasional book to Vinyl Conflict, and music at Plan 9.

For books, your best bet is either direct from us on the site, or from the websites of Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Zines related to mental health topics are carried by Something Something Press.

Do you offer wholesale?

A: We do, get in touch at info@ovolr.com for info about our wholesale terms and minimums per specific type of items.

Do you accept demos?

A: We do! If it's a digital demo, send a link to us at info@ovolr.com.

Or, you can mail physical stuff to us at:
OVOLR! / Debackle
PO BOX 7019
Richmond, Virginia 23221

If you mail something to us, make sure to send us an email about it, so we know to keep an eye out for it.