OVOLR! (One Voice, One Life, Resist!) Records was formed in 1997 by 500$Fine guitarist/singer Gary Llama as a way to release his bands CD. Since then, the label has gone on to release, as well as re-release, recordings from bands around Richmond, Virginia and the connected punk rock scene.

The label operates very differently from most labels, in that the bands own their recordings. Bands working with the label grant distribution rights to OVOLR! for a term of agreement, cancellable by either party at any time, for distribution to digital and streaming, with the bands retaining 80-90% of their earnings. Additionally, the bands retain any publishing rights to the music they may own.

In short, we do everything we can to foster a solid partnership, with mutual respect.

In 2014, the label began publishing books, and it's publishing catalog is now part of the Library of Congress' Cataloging Program.


You can contact the label via email at

Our mailing address is:
OVOLR! Records
PO BOX 7122
Richmond, VA 23221 USA