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Elevated Beings (10th Anniversary Edition)


Released on 05.29.20

URL: https://ovolr.com/a/OV090



On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of it’s release, OVOLR!, together with the original releasing label, Latex Records, have come together to put out this special edition of the recording.

In additional to the original 14 songs, 3 bonus songs, plus the original 5-song demo for the record are included.

  1. Public Service Announcement
  2. DNA
  3. This Waking Reality
  4. Know Thy Overseer
  5. The Luciferian Conspiracy
  6. Riding The Train In The ATL
  7. The Gung Fu Tree
  8. No Truth, No Respect, No Authority
  9. Execution Of A Coward
  10. Turn The Other Mind
  11. The Fumigator
  12. Elevated Beings
  13. It's The Music
  14. Opening Of The Mouth Ceremony
  15. Prodigal Sons of God
  16. Self-Righteous Seperation
  17. Set The Record Straight
  18. DNA (Demo)
  19. Executive Execution (Demo)
  20. The Room (Demo)
  21. Black Jack (Demo)
  22. Triad of Enslavement (Demo)

Tracks 1-14 Recorded by Miquel Scott & Chad McCune at Tree Sound Studios
Tracks 1-14 Mixed and Mastered by Chris Griffin at Griffin Mastering
Tracks 4, 8. & 12 produced by Earl Hudson

A Joint release with Latex Records