EP Reissue: Save Yourself ‘A Shitty Way To Spend Easter’

Over the past few months, OVOLR! has been going over some of the back catalog of Richmond punk and hardcore bands, and finding releases to put back into circulation. This is an effort to bring these great recordings back to the community, in a way more accessible and higher quality than the typical Youtube upload.

So today, we are releasing Save Yourself’s 2002 ep ‘A Shitty Way To Spend Easter’.

Save Yourself was made up of musicians from notable Virginia hardcore punk bands such as Landmark, Wheelbite, Mayday, Freeman (notable for being the only band consisting of the Avail ‘satiate’ backline lineup, besides, Avail) and Park Sparrows.

The EP is available NOW for streaming and download at your preferred music streaming service as well as from bandcamp.

Check it out here!

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