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New single from 500$Fine: ‘Nothing’

A two-song single, streaming everywhere.


Baby Flamehead ‘Life Sandwich’ Released!

The Philadelphia-based band’s full length album, re-released.


OVOLR! Presents: Greg Kusterbeck

Some background and thoughts with Greg Kusterbeck, the man behind Slugging Buddha and 92FU.


Uphill Down now streaming!

We are very stoked to announce that the Uphill Down discography is now streaming via OVOLR! Titled ‘A Selection of Acquired Specimens (1994-1997)’, the album features 14 tracks, 5 of which are demos that fans may have never heard before. Streaming now, everywhere!


New 92FU EP!!!

Today, we are stoked to announce a new release by that duo of Gary and Greg under the moniker 92FU! The new EP, titled ‘Touchscreen‘, features 4-songs of melodic hardcore punk, with a super positive message. Check it out!


Show Announced! 8/21 – 500$Fine, Ben FM, Wrong Worshippers, and Sundre!

On August 21, 2022, OVOLR! artists 500$Fine, Ben FM, and Wrong Worshippers, will be joined by Sundre to play at Richmond Music Hall. You can buy tickets here.


Interview with Wrong Worshippers!

We recently sat down via Zoom with Wrong Worshippers to talk about their history as band, their new ep, the meaning of the name, as well as a bunch of other things. You can check out the interview on Youtube!


Wrong Worshippers’, ‘(not actually) Live From Hep’s Garage!!!!’ Out Now!

We are excited to announce the release of Wrong Worshippers‘ new ep, and the debut one for the band through OVOLR!. Titled ‘(not actually) Live From Hep’s Garage!!!!’, the album consists of 8 tracks, and is a concept record that brings on the aesthetic of a live record. The album is streaming everywhere, now!