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New Rival Kinds single!

Rival Kinds, the duo between artist / painter Alix Petrie and Gary Llama, have released a new single!

Titled ‘Reverie‘, the song is available now, streaming everywhere and on their bandcamp.


500$Fine New Mixes and Masters, upcoming Show

In celebration of the 1 year mark since 500$Fine’s ‘S/T’ release, we re-mixed and remastered the recording for the digital release, which is now streaming everywhere and at their bandcamp.

Also, the band will be playing a show on June 10th, with fellow Richmond, VA punk rockers Ann Beretta, of which the show will be sadly, Ann Beretta’s last. Also on the show are Austin Lucas, and RVA musician Madison Turner.

The show is at Richmond Music Hall, and tickets are available here.


New single from 500$Fine: ‘Nothing’

Out now, a new single from 500$Fine, titled ‘Nothing‘. The single also includes a instrumental version of the bands song ‘Lies’.. streaming now.


Baby Flamehead ‘Life Sandwich’ Released!

Today we are re-releasing Philly-based, Baby Flamehead’s album, ‘Life Sandwich‘. Originally released in 1990 on Texas Hotel Records, this 14 song, mostly acoustic album, speaks to a time in alternative music when songwriting and experimentation was still important. A lot of cool tracks on this. Streaming everywhere!