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Some Fliers from OVOLR! artists at Twisters/Nancy Raygun/929/etc…

With the closing of Strange Matter (the latest incarnation of the punk club that has been at 929 W Grace Street, here in Richmond, for more than 30 years).. our nostalgia was stoked, and we thought we’d share some fliers from OVOLR! artists that played shows here. First up, 500$FINE, who played their first show […]


A great article on the closing of Strange Matter.

And an older article too.


Save the 929! Campaign

A campaign to keep the club open!


Gary Llama: Thoughts on Mental Health, Trump, and his new Single.

On October 25th, OVOLR! artist Gary Llama released a new single under his own name, titled ‘Breath’. We sat down with Gary (still wearing his Pajama pants) to see what he has been up to recently, and find out the backstory on this new song. So, as we’ve seen on IG, it seems you have […]


Gary Llama Interview: On Editing The Silence Is Suicide…

Gary Llama recently talked about how he, after reflecting on the implications of a weapon being recorded on his Silence Is Suicide album, decided to edit it out, almost 20 years later…

Latest News


New Single: Gary Llama ‘Fuck You’

A single from his new album ‘EXRRA’.


New Full Length Album ‘EXRRA’ from Gary Llama.

Features the singles ‘Fuck You’, and ‘Breathe’…


New Single: ‘Reprise’ by Champions of Society

An new single from Champions of Society.


New Single: ‘Breathe’ by Gary Llama

Today we are releasing a new single by artist Gary Llama… …titled ‘Breathe’, the song is now available at Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Etc.


Gary Llama Stickers and New Bundles!

We now have new stickers and buttons for Gary Llama’s ‘New Folk’ record… …accordingly, there is now a ‘Premium’ bundle that includes these items!


Bundle: ‘New Folk’ Shirt / CD Pre-Order

Limited edition and ethically produced!


‘Blue Clouds’, Debut Full Length from Brooks Cullum

The Debut ep from the singer/songwriter of catchy pop melodies!


Now Out: ‘Time Capsule’ by Indypendant

A brilliant 5-song EP from 1997.


Now Streaming: Park Sparrows Full Catalog!

Check it out now!

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